ACOA Business Information Services

Cindy Allen

Communications Officer



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The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is here for you. Our Business Information Services team can help you figure out your next steps and find what you need to start or grow your business.

Who we are

Our one-stop information shop is free of charge and available in both official languages.

We’re ready to answer your business questions and guide you through the steps to take to make your great ideas a reality. From funding to planning, from research to regulations, if there’s something you need to run your business, look no further!

What we do

Business support is what we know. We can give you information on:

  • business planning – get personalized advice no matter how far along you are.
  • financing – learn about different funding options (loans, grants, wage subsidies, COVID-19 relief, etc.).
  • government regulations – learn about taxes, permits, licences, and more to make sure you’re operating legally.
  • imports and exports – find out how to move goods and services across the Canadian border.
  • reliable market research information – access research on the topics you need:
    • Demographics (e.g., age, household income, marital status, etc.)
    • Potential competitors
    • Suppliers and distributors
    • Industry performance
    • International market and industry data
    • Financial benchmarking specific to your industry
    • Consumer trends
    • Import and export statistics