Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design – Trade Missions

Stephanie Dupuis

322 Charlotte Street, Sydney

902-539-7491 (ext 115)

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Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design may provide financial assistance to craft businesses that wish to participate in trade activities that will help to develop international markets for their craft products. Activities eligible for funding include wholesale trade shows and other activities that involve the participation of international buyers. The level of non-repayable assistance will normally be up to a maximum of 75% for the first time a business participates in a mission, up to a maximum of 65% for the second time, and up to a maximum of 50% thereafter.


The eligible costs for assistance are travel, accommodation, booth fees, and freight up to a specified limit. Only 3rd party bills will be considered for freight. The business is responsible for 100% of all other costs such as meals and entertainment.