Craft Alliance Atlantic Association – Programs

Bernie Burton


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Part of the Craft Alliance’s mandate is to provide marketing opportunities for craft producers in the Atlantic Provinces. This includes offering opportunities for educational mission, trade shows & exhibitions, and export opportunities at craft and giftware events across North America. Visit our Producer Registration page and sign up as a Project Member to gain access to our special projects section. Once registered, you will gain access to the full list of opportunities we are currently offering access to:

  • The Craft Hub – Direct consultation with the craft sector across Atlantic Canada and engage with our craft industry partners to deliver programs and services relevant to the sector both provincially and regionally.
  • The Craft Lab – Assist craft producers with business development by providing marketing support, educational opportunities, trade show assistance, exhibition assistance, product development, productivity/capacity building and more!
  • Craft Tek – Technology development by investigating and initiating projects that contribute to innovation through design, collaboration or creation of new cross-sectoral initiatives that advance the craft sector.
  • Craft X – Exporting initiatives including trade shows, training resources, market development and travel, cost related to initiatives that assist with export market development outside of the region.