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Receive a financial incentive to hire an unemployed, ready-to-work Nova Scotian.

Different types of funding are available for employers, depending on the type of employment offered, the employer’s needs and the employee’s skill level.

Wage incentive

Wage incentives help offset some of the salary and benefit costs related to hiring a new employee.
Preference is given to employers who can offer full-time, sustainable employment. Short-term jobs may be eligible if they help the employee develop transferrable skills that can improve their chances of finding other employment in the future, or if they’re related to a priority sector or industry where a short-term contract is being implemented.

Employment Nova Scotia determines wage incentive amounts on a case-by-case basis, considering :

  • type of employment offered
  • wages offered
  • employee’s skill level
  • how long the employee has been looking for work

whether the position supports a priority sector in Nova Scotia (like ocean technology, information and communication technology, financial services, clean technology, life sciences or aerospace and defence)
Other factors may also be considered.