Invest Nova Scotia Accelerate Streams

Kaitlin Webb

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Invest Nova Scotia is thrilled to announce five Invest Nova Scotia Accelerate streams, each offering cash and expertise to Nova Scotia start-ups hitting milestones on the path to investment-readiness:

  • Accelerate Ocean Tech
  • Accelerate Health Tech
  • Accelerate Agriculture Tech
  • Accelerate Clean Tech
  • Accelerate Software

Delivered 100 per cent virtually, Invest Nova Scotia Accelerate offers start-ups funding and access to our deep in-house expertise and network of experts and investors.

You should apply if:

  • Your technology is rooted in a scientific discovery or engineering innovation that represents globally relevant intellectual property.
  • You have a strong technical or business founder, and an established Nova Scotia-based company built around a customer-validated problem.
  • You have identified a large market pain, done market research and performed thorough competition analysis.
  • You’re ready to complete, or have already completed, a proof of concept or prototype and validate your technology.


Learn more about program eligibility and how to apply.


Questions can be directed to Kaitlin Webb at