Island Sandbox

Todd Graham


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The Island Sandbox is a member of the Nova Scotia Sandbox community. We provide space for various student groups from Cape Breton University and NSCC Marconi Campus to experiment with new entrepreneurial ideas and access business mentors and other support. We deliver unique hands-on programing and workshops to assist in professional and personal development.

The Island Sandbox borrows from a time when we first learned to use grains of sand to create a world of possibilities fed solely by our imagination. In that sandbox from our childhood, we learned to collaborate with our peers and to learn through play. At the Island Sandbox, we bring students together with our communities’ entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and academia to create an environment where imagination and innovation can flourish. It is a place to experiment and to see the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur. The Island Sandbox is a collaboration between Cape Breton University and the Nova Scotia Community College to serve as a collision space for ideas and innovation. Our primary focus is to help students explore problems/opportunities through Design Thinking.