LSI – Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive

Maritime Centre 1505 Barrington Street., 4N P.O. Box 697 Halifax Nova Scotia B3J 2T8


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WIPSI supplements employer contributions to train full-time staff (permanently located in Nova Scotia) to:

  • Improve productivity and profitability
  • Increase innovation
  • Adapt to new technology, machinery and equipment, or work processes
  • Increase inter-provincial and international competitiveness
  • Foster workplace diversity

If you are a small business in Nova Scotia with less than 50 employees, you may be eligible for up to 100% of your training costs to be covered up to $10,000. For larger businesses, WIPSI provides up to 50% of direct training costs. WIPSI may also cover other expenses such as travel, books for participants and accommodation costs for persons with disabilities.