NSCC – Your Entrepreneurial Self Program

Sheri Williams



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NSCC Entrepreneurship provides entrepreneurial skill, awareness and development opportunities for NSCC students, faculty and staff. We do this by providing:

  • Free Entrepreneurial Resources – our web-based resource portal offers free access to entrepreneurial resources including workshops, presentations, activities, lesson plans, templates, toolkits and more. Visit e2.nscc.ca/en/ to access.
  • Financial Support – through the generous support of our funders (ACOA, NSCC), we are able to offer financial support for activities which expose NSCC students to entrepreneurship. To learn more about this financial support and how to access available funds visit e2.nscc.ca/en/facilitate/resources/t034/
  • Entrepreneurship Counselling
    • Business Counselling – we offer one-on-one business counselling for students, staff and faculty who are interested in starting a business or want to take their existing businesses to the next level. We offer guidance in the areas of business plan development, marketing, HR, government regulations, financing and more.
    • Curriculum Consulting – we offer one-on-one curriculum consulting and support to integrate entrepreneurship into the classroom. We offer guidance on integrating tools such as the business model canvas, business plans, software, activities and more.
  • Professional Development – staff learn how to infuse entrepreneurial elements in the work that they do through campus and centrally offered PD sessions.
  • Experiences:
    • College Wide Activities – we develop and run college wide entrepreneurial activities for students, staff and faculty including online challenges and contests, professional development opportunities, and many more. Stay tuned for upcoming events by following us on Facebook and Twitter.
    • Community Connections – Entrepreneurial Service Providers and community resources we work closely with other entrepreneurial service providers and connect students/staff to relevant resources and supports available in our communities.