Invest Nova Scotia – Trade Market Intelligence (TMI) Service

Wanda MacLean


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If you are looking for customized research on business opportunities in specific sectors and export markets, you may be eligible for Invest Nova Scotia’s Trade Market Intelligence (TMI) Service. With a research team of sector specialists with access to leading proprietary databases, TMI helps Nova Scotia companies access trade intelligence to help identify export opportunities specific to their products, services, and markets of interest. Types of export research TMI can assist with:

  • Market characteristics such as demand, size, value and trends
  • Competitor analysis
  • Trade regulations, including import and export requirements
  • Supply chain and logistics analysis
  • Country economic and political overviews
  • Industry certifications and standards
  • Industry contacts, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors
  • Tradeshows, events, and other promotional mediums

TMI is available to Nova Scotia companies working with or connected to a provincial Export Development Executive (EDE) or Regional Business Development Advisor (RBDA). Your contact will help guide the process, including completing a TMI application*.