The following companies/organizations are Investors of the Cape Breton Partnership and offer services specific to business development.

Cape Breton Partnership – Business Services

The Cape Breton Partnership provides support, counselling and guidance to businesses at every stage.


Shannon MacNeil

(902) 562-0122

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Virtual Adviser Program

Get one-on-one support from an experienced business adviser. Our free Virtual Adviser Program powered by will match you with a seasoned professional to help you solve a unique challenge your business is facing during this difficult time. The program is available to businesses operating in Cape Breton. The Virtual Adviser Program is powered by which specializes in matching organizations with seasoned talent to fill project or term roles. Their network includes thousands of professionals, managers and executives ready to share their experience and expertise.


Shannon McNeil

Business Planning Advisor

285 Alexandra Street, Sydney, NS,


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Access NS-Taxes

This site provides guidance and resources to help you determine which taxes apply to your business.


ACOA Business Information Services

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is here for you. Our Business Information Services team can help you figure out your next steps and find what you need to start or grow your business. Who we are Our one-stop information shop is free of charge and available in both official languages. We’re ready to answer your business questions and guide you through the steps to take to make your great ideas a reality. From funding to planning, from research to regulations, if there’s something you need to run your business, look no further! What we do Business support is what we know. We can give you information on: business planning – get personalized advice no matter how far along you are. financing – learn about different funding options (loans, grants, wage subsidies, COVID-19 relief, etc.). government regulations – learn about taxes, permits, licences, and more to make sure you’re operating legally. imports and exports – find out how to move goods and services across the Canadian border. reliable market research information – access research on the topics you need: Demographics (e.g., age, household income, marital status, etc.) Potential competitors Suppliers and distributors Industry performance International market and industry data Financial benchmarking specific to your industry Consumer trends Import and export statistics


Cindy Allen

Communications Officer



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Business Taxes

This site includes information on income tax, GST/HST, payroll, business numbers and customs rates.


Canada Revenue Agency

Learn how to manage various aspects of your business administration through a selection of online videos and recorded webinars for business owners. The videos and webinars cover topics such as:   Starting a business GST/HST Payroll and preparing T4 and T4A Reporting business income and expenses Keeping Records


Canada Revenue Agency- Scientific Research and Experimental Development

This website provides information about the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program, including what you need to know to claim SR&ED tax incentives.


CRA-Changing Your Business Status

Find out what you should do when you make changes to the structure, status or ownership of your business.


Federal Tax Credits

A list of Federal Tax Credits available in Canada.


Government of Canada Business- Closing your Business

If you are planning to close your business, there are a few things you should consider, such as notifying Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), filing a final tax return, paying any outstanding tax amounts, and financing your succession planning.


IG Wealth Management

Life is constantly changing, which is why you need a plan, and a pro-active advisor, that can adapt with your evolving needs and goals. We help you create a financial plan – an IG Living Plan – that moves and grows along with your life. Our goal? To improve your financial well-being and make sure you can embrace all of life’s possibilities. Solutions for your evolving business Whatever stage your business is at, we can help expand your operations, attract & retain employees, and maximize year-end profits. Whether your looking to pay yourself, invest, plan for succession,  receive tax advice and help with planning, get advice on insurance, or deciding to incorporate, our advisors will work with you to help you make the right decision for your and your business.  


Doug MacKenzie

Financial Advisor

265 Prince Street, Sydney, NS

902-562-5000 ext 249


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Investment Tax Credit

You may be eligible to claim an investment tax credit (ITC) if any of the following applies: you bought certain new buildings, machinery, or equipment and they were used in certain areas of Canada in qualifying activities such as farming, fishing, logging, manufacturing, or processing (for more information, go to Atlantic investment tax credit) you have done work that qualifies for scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) tax incentives (for more information, go to Claiming SR&ED tax incentives) you employ an eligible apprentice for which you want to claim an Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit you have unclaimed credits earned in the last 10 years you have received a T3 slip, showing an amount in box 41 you have received a 2008 version of a T5013 slip, with an amount showing in box 107, or a 2004 version of a T5013 slip, with an amount showing in boxes 38 or 138 you have received a T5013 slip, with an amount showing in boxes 186 or 194 you have received a T101 slip, with an amount showing in box 128 you have a partnership financial statement that allocates to you an amount that qualifies for this credit you have an investment in a mining operation that allocates certain exploration expenditures to you you have created licensed child care spaces for the children of your employees